Michelle McLean Print Modeling Training PRINT Print campaigns and editorial shoots for magazines ‘Learn how to land your first cover shoot or magazine editorial, or become an “influencer model” More Info Michelle McLean University Book Now Michelle McLean Modeling Training: Runway RUNWAY How to shine on the runway and in beauty competitions “Learn killer moves to work that catwalk or any stage.
Slay that runway or any casting!”
Book Now More Info Michelle McLean University
Michelle McLean Modeling Training: Spokesmodel SPOKESMODEL Professional speaking and presentation skills as a spokesperson or host and for TV presenting. "Presentation skills to be a media savy brand ambassador, TV host or Emcee." More Info Michelle McLean, Book Now
Print, Runway, Stage, Spokesmodel, Host

Professional modeling training

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Michelle offers professional modeling training & courses in print modeling/posing, runway walking/style, and spokesmodel presentations. Her seminars are in-person and online, in group/workshop settings and individual sessions. Michelle’s commitmentis to ensure her clients learn techniques necessary for a basic skill set foundation to excel in any presentation, audition, competition they may wish to engage within. These life-long presentation skills can be used in every aspect of a client’s academic, personal and professional life.

Runway Modeling: Modeling Training


Techniques and skills to be an international runway model, how to work any catwalk or stage, for beauty or modeling competitions.

Modeling Training: Print Modeling


Instruction in skills for Print modelling, posing, working the camera for editorials, campaigns and magazine covers.

Modeling Training: Spokesodel


Public Speaking and endorsement presentation skills for Spokesmodeling and hosting, live events and for commercials and television.

International Model and former Miss Universe


Model. Spokesmodel. Advocate. Adventurer.

Meet Michelle McLean; model, spokesmodel, advocate, adventurer. Michelle has modeled professionally for decades, been a television spokeswoman, children’s and women’s advocate, and won Miss Universe in 1992. Her Michelle McLean Children Trust has raised over 50 million dollars to help children in her native Namibia, in Southern Africa.

Meet Michelle McLean: model, spokesmodel, advocate, adventurer.
Michelle Mclean University: Modeling Training


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